The Week in Data – Urban Planning

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This week, we’re shifting away from data to take a look at urban planning stories. We have some great content being served to our feed over on Twitter – and it’s too good to keep to ourselves. Did we miss something? Let us know.

UK:  The Smart city: to make our cities truly smart we need to put people before technology

Streets Blog USA – Pedestrianisation is a hot issue in many local towns. This is a great read about how to build equitable walking infrastructure.

The Planning Report – The disruption unleashed by the Coronavirus pandemic is also facilitating innovation. The panelists of this fascinating round-table share their hope for the Silicon Valley Bay Area of California. Can public-private collaborations be streamlined to solve some of the region’s housing, transportation, and equity challenges?

Housing investment – Lasting affordability is the path to resilience. Check out this spotlight on six housing investment strategies that will incorporate lasting affordability, racial equity, and resilience into COVID-19 recovery plans.

VIDEO: How can post-Covid ghost cities be avoided?