Spatial planning and impact made easy

Making the power of spatial data available to everyone, everywhere, by uniting Project Management, GIS and Business Intelligence into a common sense web application that anyone can use. 

How it works
Spatial planning and impact made easy

Industries and application

  • Health


    From COVID to climate crisis our tools can be used to inform effective policy decisions that improve public health.

  • Logistics


    From post conflict planning to transit mapping Plan Spatial surfaces essential insights that reveal priorities.

  • Education


    Interrogating socio-economic data we can reveal where investment in education will be most effective.

  • Agriculture


    Food production to waste management, identify sustainable practices to support rapidly evolving industries.

The modelling and analytics developed with Remeody Plan Spatial have enabled us to significantly improve our offering to clients.

Dr Angus MacDougall Dr Angus MacDougall
Chief Data Scientist
Kendall Bluck Consulting

The organisations we've worked with

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