Who we are and why we are doing this

Our strength is the unique skill and breadth of experience of our PlanSpatial team. First, we offer decades of experience and unique skill sets. Equally important, are the software engineering, operations planning and project management experience across the team. PlanSpatial brings a specialist team together that delivers robust, successful outcomes for every project.

Our job is to make complex decision-making challenges simple. PlanSpatial’s directors embody these core skills and our partners share our values. Today, our trusted partners include software developers, data scientists and front-line operations staff. We pivot our team according to what a project needs. And we solve particular problems using powerful data insights that streamline decision processes. So, robust decisions are quickly made.

PlanSpatial’s expertise is used in healthcare, post-conflict reconstruction and mine clearance. We have extensive experience of data acquisition, warehousing, geospatial processing and business analytics. These fundamental skills empower our clients to make the best decisions in challenging circumstances.

PlanSpatial’s decision systems are simple to use – we don’t build anything else. And under our expert guidance, our systems increase confidence. Together, we empower stakeholders to make resilient, robust decisions.

A fundamental ethos binds the PlanSpatial team together. We believe that the world can be made a better place. And that collaborative decision making, underpinned by transparent tools and systems, helps.