Conflict and Peace

So, how do you translate spatial insight in to action? PlanSpatial is designed to help decision makers go from map to Gantt. And our expert team is on hand to help you track the results.

You can also find this short video from GICHD on our LinkedIn page, where we posted it first. GIS for sustainable peace is a topic close to the hearts of our team, especially in Remeody, which is the other side of our business that is devoted to rebuilding shattered communities.

“Peace is not about the absence of conflict; peace is about the resolution of conflict in non-violent ways…Every time we use geographic information management systems (GIS) to solve a potential conflict over space, we are, in fact, contributing to peace.

“I like to call this – GIS for peace,” GICHD Director Stefano Toscano during his keynote address to an audience of over 14,000 people in San Diego at the ESRI User Conference.

Watch the entire GICHD presentation here: