Conference Offer

Reinventing Space Delegate Offer

We believe that for transformation to take place you need to get practical and deliver at scale. Plan Spatial makes that possible. We want to invite Reinventing Space delegates to experience the tool through an affordable pilot that will deliver a program of practical activity and project tracking for six months.

Inputs: Data preparation, analysis and prioritisation session

Deliverables: Usable programme of activity and project tracking for six months

Price: £2,500 +VAT

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About Plan Spatial

The perfect marriage of tactics and technology, Plan Spatial was founded in 2018 by former Army Officer, Dan Perkins and systems developer, Nicholas Jory.

Built initially to address post-conflict reconstruction, Plan Spatial has been engineered to deliver insight-driven social impact at scale. Using a common sense visual interface, it brings data to life on the map, allowing users to ‘see’ insights, apply expertise to prioritise activities and publish a high impact project plan.

Engineered to enhance perspective and decision clarity, Plan Spatial exists to support the change makers, decision takers and community shapers on the leading edge of transformation.